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Olivia Talks GUTS on The Julia Show
July 14, 2023 -  31 

Less than a month after releasing the lead single off her forthcoming album, Olivia Rodrigo is already making history and we can’t even act like we’re surprised.

Rodrigo released the single vampire on June 30 and has since become the first artist to debut the lead single from each of her first two albums on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. So how’s she plan to celebrate?

“I think we’re gonna like, watch my favorite movie and go in the hot tub,” Olivia told Audacy’s Julia after sharing her Mom is currently staying at her house. “That sounds kind of lame, but that’s my dream celebration.”

Some good R&R is never lame if you ask us, especially after hearing how hard Rodrigo has been working on her new album GUTS, arriving September 8. Referring to the project as more “mature,” yet still a “sister” to her debut album SOUR, Olivia says she is excited to share her new, improved art with fans.

“This album is not a continuation of SOUR, but it’s definitely her sister and I’m the girl who wrote SOUR, just two years older and more mature, doing different things.”

“I really tried to improve my songwriting craft this time around. On SOUR everything was so sad and I was so emotional. I was just pouring my heart out into these songs… Not that I didn’t do that on this album, but I think I learned a little more of like, ‘This is how you polish up a song’ or ‘You can write a song in 30 minutes but maybe the next day you can tweak things.’ I think I really tied to focus on that this go–around.”

Rodrigo credits vampire for being a great example of the similarities and differences to come, which is exactly the reason she selected it to be the lead single.

“I think it’s not so completely out of left field when you look at SOUR and all of the things that we did there, but I also think that it’s a step forward and kind of hints at everything that’s to come in the next album.”

While selecting the song as the lead single was a no–brainer for the 20–year–old, some of the decisions surrounding which lyrics to use on the track didn’t come as easily.

“It was actually a debate whether ‘fame fucker’ should be in the song,” she admitted. “Some people said, ‘It kind of isolates you from people, you can’t really say things like that in song, it’s not relatable’ – yada yada yada.”

After admitting she “totally saw where they were coming from,” Rodrigo eventually decided to keep the head–turning term, which has quickly become a main staple of the song.

“I think it’s more about someone being manipulative and sucking you dry – using you for all your worth,” she expressed, sharing a deeper meaning behind the lyric. “I think that’s a universal theme, and I also think fame is more easily accessible now than it has ever been. It’s not just people in LA and and Hollywood that have to deal with that.”

While she decided to keep that line, Olivia did switch up a couple other lyrics from the original track, which can be heard exclusively on the vinyl versions.

Sisterly similarities between GUTS and SOUR aren’t limited to sonics and themes, fans will also see common ground within the artwork that Rodrigo says is an effort to keep cohesion throughout her career.

“I really just wanted to make things look cohesive. I love when artists can have cohesion throughout their career, not only cohesion throughout an album cycle,” she said, crediting The White Stripes for inspiring her with great execution of this idea.

As Rodrigo readies to spill her GUTS to the world come September, she says she is excited to show her growth and new–found confidence, not only as an artist, but personally as well.

“I feel like I grew 10 years in the years from 18 to 20,” she said. “I feel sure of who I am and what I want to do and what I want to say and the people I want to surround myself with… I’m still figuring lots of stuff out and thoroughly confused about lots of other aspects of life, but I’m definitely getting clear on more things.”

One thing she isn’t confused about is her favorite track on the upcoming album, and her answer has us ready to fast forward to September 8.

“The first song is my favorite, it’s kind of different sonically, it has a lot of dynamics,” she said. “It’s sort of my version of a riot girl punk song.”

Say no more, we’re deeming it our favorite song now, too!


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